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Say S0mething

This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and who better to cover this topic than our relationship guru, author and speaker Venita Garvin. Venita has done extensive counseling of domestic violence victims, so she has a well informed perspective on the subject. Join Kim and Venita as they cover the bases on this weeks show.


This week Ms. Bettie is back to share on a not often covered issue that may be affecting someone you know... the far reaching effect of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and it's impact on the African American Community. You will want to listen to get a fresh perspective on very relevant topic in our modern culture.



Witch Are You?

It's movie time again on Just Put it Out There! Movie producer Rick Welch is back again with part 3 of his series about his upcoming and soon to be released movie, "Witch". He brings with him to the table two of his cast members to share their insights into the making of his new movie. Join Kim and guests for another entertaining installment of JPiOT!


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